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With the higher standard of security management, shopping malls have to pay more attention to security monitoring.
According to statistics, shopping mall security guard's dereliction of duty, ideological paralysis and some non-standard behaviors have led to safety accidents which have been accounted for more than 80%.
So as an effective supervisor of shopping malls, it is undoubtedly taking a variety of security risks to eliminate the security accidents. As for the importance of security supervision on management, China Resources Vanguard always walking frontally of the other company.

1.Application Solution
Intelligent patrol management system is a good way for management center which orders to effectively carry out scientific and effective management on security work while changing the security guard dereliction behavior in the patrolling work.
China Resources Vanguard introduces to JWM intelligent patrol management system which makes you can set security guard, patrol time, patrol location and rest time in the process of security guard patrolling. After unified report processing, the management center can inspect the patrolling information at a glance.
This management system not only facilitates the management of security inspection work but also ensure the safety of the mall staff, goods and various types of equipment. It achieves a scientific management, reduces the security risk and prevents the occurrence of the accident.

2.Working Process
Security guards patrol the planned line inspection and work within the specified interval to reach the patrol site at the same time.
As the patrol system has been inducting in China Resources Vanguard shopping mall, WM-5000V5 accompanied by LED and vibration prompts.
While patrolling the checkpoint, the device can automatically record the time of location, events and the security information.
After the inspection of the entire shopping malls, the management staff can upload the data to the computer, then the software automatically analyzes the data and form a report, thus achieving the scientific management work of patrol work.

3.Solved Problems
The application of shopping malls patrol system can effectively solve the work of the security neglection by a high-technology measure which is monitor security on the time it is only ended leak patrol and human resource waste but also to achieve the scientific management of shopping malls security guard.
According to the patrolling plan, the mall can have found out many security hidden dangers can be timely and on-site avoid.
It replaces the traditional recording signature form, and take the proximity RFID card technology.Without human hand writing and paper waste, JWM intelligent patrol management system work without full-time staff maintenance but reducing the use of cost.
Through the software on the unified management of the inspection data, the management center not only reduces the lab or costs but also put an end to the data fraud and to provide the supervisor with a scientific and accurate inspection information and query basis.

4.WM-5000V5 Presentation

Military Components: Silicon tank, mental body with silicon shell outside
IP67: super durable and waterproof
Magnetic USB Cable: high download speed
Different led lights: Four-color bright red lights
Data protection: protect data automatically after power off
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