China National Petroleum Corporation Guard Tour Syste

With the social development and rising oil prices, there are many oil-embezzling activities. The illegal activities of oil leaks caused by criminals drilling holes and causing serious pollution to the environment. At the same time, pipeline leakage of crude oil may cause a fire accident, so that the degree of harm is further increased. Ensuring the safe and stable supply of the pipeline, the inspection of the pipeline is a commonly used method.


Guard Tour patrolling can avoid the natural environment changes on the pipeline damage, man-made damage to the pipeline, equipment aging and so on destruction.
JWM intelligent guard tour patrol system can make the security guard timely detected the hidden dangers of the pipeline, so that we can take active measure for pipeline risks.
With JWM intelligent guard tour patrol, you can upload inspection records and alarm data to the management center.

2.Before Use

  •  Due to the length of the pipelines, there is no humanized plan that will result in missed checkpoint.
  •  There are criminals perfunctory oil leakage caused by the leak, causing pollution of the environment.
  •  For accidents and hidden dangers, the responsible person cannot report to the management center in time and repair does not promptly, and it cause the safety potential enlarge and the degree of harm increases.
  • In the past, the manual maintenance of the patrolling range is related to information easily, so it leads to lack of records and preservation difficulties. And it is not easy for the development of future patrolling

3.After Use
  • Through the intelligent guard tour patrol management system, it can achieve the designated inspector, along the prescribed route, within a specified time to reach the designated location, and enhance safety precautions Management of scientific means, technology has advanced;
  • The intelligent guard tour patrol management system can take the initiative to prevent pipeline hazards and life-cycle management, auxiliary pipeline management personnel in the daily working.
  • The intelligent guard tour patrol management system achieve all the inspection patrols and inspection data upload, provide track playback and data query.

4.Project Introduction

China National Petroleum Corporation (CNPC) is a Chinese oil and gas corporation and one of the largest integrated energy groups in the world. Its headquarters are in Dongcheng District, Beijing.CNPC was ranked the third in 2016 Fortune Global 500.

5.Product introduction

  • Military design and components :super durable and waterproof
  • Touch:Capacitive touch key
  • Tags:GPS and RFID tag reading
  • Transmission:GSM/GPRS/3G
  • High Technology:electronic map technology

Product Name: Polaris 5+
Model: WM-5000P5+

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