Dongcheng Hotel Guard Tour System

With the upgrading of consumption, the security problems occur frequently and profit generally show downward trend. And the hotel does not do the fancy concept, real to create high-quality products and safe and comfortable service experience, many consumers remember and recognized, from the heavy obstacles to tight encirclement, thriving.
Safe to See
Service itself is invisible, neither quantifiable nor materialized, security services are even more elusive. And guests stay in the hotel are often very concerned about whether the hotel is really safe, whether there is a problem when someone can come to help in time to solve. How to experience security services - let the security patrol check anytime, anywhere, guests can really see and feel safe service, rather than through monitoring in the event of things after the video playback to restore the scene.
There are security patrol inspection is not the same, in order to ensure the safety of patrols to ensure the timely settlement of the problem and reduce management costs, the hotel is more than 700 companies located in the East has provided a strong support.

Application and problem solving
According to the characteristics of the hotel in the hotel more traffic in the main entrance, front desk, restaurant, fire channel, security doors, corridors and elevators and other places need to provide services, security risks and surveillance blind spots to install patrol points. Through the background software set inspection program, responsible for checking the security of the handheld patrol machine, according to the specified time to the designated location after scanning patrol points, Patrol opportunities automatically record the location name and arrival time, so that you can achieve the work of the security situation To carry out records and assessment management.

 By checking the equipment and equipment outdated, aging, damage and other issues to deal with, reduce security risks;
 For some regional facilities and equipment function is not perfect, the service project is not standardized problems in a timely manner;
 strict inspection program allows service personnel and managers in the post-mental state of mind significantly improved, to enhance service staff active, enthusiastic attitude, in addition to experience the security, but also to experience other services.

Product Introduction
Product Name: Dorset 4S induction patrol machine
Product Type: WM-5000V4S
Background of the project
East as the hotel group as the world's top 50 hotel groups, the concept of hotel services will be selected to introduce the Chinese market, and as a core development strategy. Since its inception, the Group to "passion, focus, sharing" business values ​​and continuous product iterative development, and create cost-effective exquisite accommodation experience, and constantly improve the quality of business travel. In the "Internet +" wave, the East was presented "cloud hotel" concept to mobile Internet thinking innovative hotel management and business model, to create O2O marketing and service platform, as "Internet + hotel" advocates and industry model. At present, the Group's hotel brands include: China's high-end economy hotel chain brand - city convenient; new personalized economy business hotel chain brand - fine hotel; "light culture" for the product and service characteristics of the standard mid-range hotel chain brand - - should Shang; and advocate "light and humane" tone of the high-end hotel chain brand - Yi Cheng.

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