Center for Disease Control and Prevention Guard Tour System


To strengthen the management of security patrolling work, Shenyang Center for Disease Control and Prevention has developed its own security inspection system. Based on this system, security guards are required to conduct regular scheduled patrols of office buildings, laboratories, fire-fighting facilities and office buildings in accordance with the provisions of the Patrol Management Measures. To detect potential problems, CDC's take the effective supervision and management on every security guard.
During the patrolling process, security guards carried the online WM-5000L5 to patrol all offices, stairways, fire exits and halls in the building according to the inspection schedule. When you have reached designated inspection point at specified time, the security guard will scan inspection checkpoint which is stalled on every inspection route alongside. With JWM intelligent patrol management system, it can collect patrol checkpoint and guard attendance information and then present the report, chart to every user.
Besides, the patrol data can be sent to the management center by GPRS/GSM. Through JWM intelligent patrol management system,it can achieve a quantitative assessment of the security guard and improve the security awareness of security.

2.Which problems can be solved

2.1 With JWM intelligent patrol management system, Shenyang Center for Disease Control and Prevention has greatly enhanced the efficiency of patrolling in order that the unified management can reduce time wasted caused by manual data processing;
2.2 The management center can examine patrol routes and the work performance of security guard in real time. Through centralized management, it improves the phenomenon of leaving posts which is due to guard laziness.
2.3 When the security guard found an accident, the management center can immediately receive the information, confirm the location of security guard and make the appropriate treatment to avoid accidents.
2.4 Under strict inspection, it can timely clean-up of unlawfully misplaced goods and found that hidden dangers or problems and then all these can be dealt with promptly.

3.Product Introduction

Real Time Guard Tour System

Military components: IP65, durable and waterproof
Panic button :touch panic button for emergency
Double Prompts: Capacitive touch key Flash  and vibration prompt
Tags: 125khz RFID tag scanning
Battery:Rechargeable lithium battery

4.Project Introduction

Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention (China CDC) is a nonprofit institution working in the fields of disease control and prevention, public health management and provision of service.
China CDC is committed to strengthen research on strategies and measures for disease control and prevention; organizes and implements control and prevention plans for different kinds of diseases; carries out public health management for food safety, occupational health, health related produ.
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