National Taiwan University Hospital Guard Tour System

Guard Tour System in National Taiwan University Hospital 


National Taiwan University Hospital is an open space. So the hospital’s security is very important. At the same time,patients belonging to vulnerable groups,there are potential dangerous. In order to ensuring the security of patients and doctors, National Taiwan University Hospital use JWM Guard Tour System to patrol all hospital.

Application Solution

1.All guards divided into 2 groups. One group patrol at daytime, the other patrol at night.
2.The cleaners will read checkpoints after cleaning.
3. The checkpoints installed at all doors, corridors,toilets and parking.

Solve Problems
1. Guards patrol the all hospital and solve the potential security problem.
2. The daily patrol protect the patients and staff’s security.
3. If guards meet something special, they use the alarm function of guard tour system to send information.

Project Introduction
National Taiwan University Hospital (NTUH) was founded in 1895. It was initially located at Dadaocheng, Taipei, and then was relocated to the present site in 1898 (now known as the West Campus). The building was initially constructed out of timber and then it underwent renovation in 1912 to become a tropical renaissance-style building. When completed in 1921, it was the largest and most modern hospital in Southeast Asia.

Application Equipment: WM-5000L5
Equipment Quantity: 500 sets
Use Company: National Taiwan University Hospital
Project Name: WM-5000L5 Guard Tour System

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