China Everbright Bank Guard Tour System

To facilitate the lives of citizens, domestic banks in the business outlets are generally arranged by the line of self-help banks, while many self- banks have gradually laid to the city's bustling neighborhoods, universities, hospitals, supermarkets, residential quarters.
The public provides 24-hour financial services. However, as the number of self-service banks is and the frequency of ATMs continually increases, ATM disputes and crimes are also increasing. Originally, self-service banking design has an automatic access control system, depositors only need access to the bank card can access to the ATM for business. However, the lawless elements often steal the equipment to and card information.

Solved the problem after Use
1. The system uses the card sensor technology and wireless communication which makes the card is easy to be destroyed.
2. In the patrol control management system, the rational allocation of patrol power can arrange routes and time, so that time control on the file (365 days 24 hours monitoring).
3. Patrol in place to ensure timely patrols in the self-service outlets, the timely detection of the failure of the teller machine to ensure the safe operation of self-service ATM equipment, while reducing the incidence of crime for the ATM, reduce personal and property losses;
4. A key alarm function, when the security found an emergency in the patrol process. According to key alarm function, the management center can immediately receive information and confirm the location of security and also can make the appropriate treatment timely.
5. Through the background software to patrol information analysis and processing, it provide useful information for the inspection work, develop a corresponding strategy to solve the problem in the bud, take preventive measures.
Project introduction
China Everbright Bank Co., Ltd. is one of twelve Chinese joint-stock commercial bank. It was ranked in 139th in 2016 Forbes Global 2000 publicly held companies. Sister company Everbright Securities ranked 862th.
As of August 2016, it was a constituent of Hang Seng China 50 Index for all Chinese companies among the three stock exchanges of China,as well as a constituent of FTSE China A50 Index among two stock exchanges in mainland China and lastly a constituent of SSE 50 Index of Shanghai. The bank also a constituent of CSI 300 Index (and its sub-index CSI 100 Index) and other indices.

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