2017 JWM Guard Tour System With Voice Prompt and Fingerprint

WM-5000X1 works with fingerprint and voice prompt
which it is the milestone of guard tour system


                 Voice Prompt

X-Guard carries voice prompt which
have more direct feeling than LED
and vibration prompt.

                   Fingerprint Authentication

     Please get rid of “fake” security guard and stop “buddy punching”.
     With fingerprint authentication, you never worry about tricking patrol.

                Simple or Flexible Plan, As you wanted.

 You may set patrol schedule as hourly, daily,monthly or yearly. On the other hand,the patrol plan can be much more flexible, such as patrol as times,and special rest day, ect. Whatever plans you'd like to select, it can be realize and select on JWM software.

    Two kinds of reading types, more choices for users!

125KHZ and Bluetooth Tags
Material: Polycarbonate
Working frequency: 2400-2483.5MHz
working tempreture: -40°C~+85°C

            Military Equipment

         X-Guard is a super durable device and full of power beyond your imagination.  
        It not only contains  aluminium alloy and ABS plastic outside, but also applies rubber           bladder and water-resistant lining inside.

 Highlighted Torch

          No matter how dark the situation , WM-5000X1 always be with
          you and light your forward patrolling road.

        Customized Software

                As your needs, JWM R&D department will design special
               software which makes you satisfied.

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