RFID Real Time Walkie-Talkie guard tour system

With built-in RFID reading, WM-5000K now adds you patrol with different walkie-talkie function which makes security guard communicate more easily and fluently. And with channel monitor, you don’t need to worry about your security guard chit-chat during the patrol.

 Hearing Your Guard Tour Device Voice

          Equipped with voice prompt function, it prompts the working                    status of the device in real time .

 Data Transmission by WIFI+USB

The WM-5000K can transfer data by USB in the 10000 pieces/minute and 15000 pieces/minute(100M/S) .So you can upload data very fast and stable. To professional users, data transmission speed is essential to ensure that the least amount of time is required during the post-capture workflow. It can save your more time.

 King Sized Battery: Up to 2 Days and Nights

WM-5000K Charger current can reach up to 3A and work with large capacity 3700mAh lithium battery. It will make device charging only 1 hour for fulfilling 65% power. And 1.5 hours can be full of power! During full power, the standby time can be up to 2 days for meeting the daily patrol for 12 hours.

 7 Steps Setup for Easier Management

You may be puzzled about different software setup steps. That is really hard to understand, right? JWM provided you a new way to manage your security guard with real-time monitoring and attendance report easily. Only by 7 Steps setup, you even got free video and quick start guide for step by step introduction.

 Many Platforms to Meet Your Needs

There are many platforms which is cloud platform,web based platform and standalone platform for meeting your needs. You can inquiry organized report on your phone and pc anywhere.

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