Real Time GPS Talking Guard Tour System



The patrol status of the device can be recorded and online patrol rounds management know the status of your staff in real-time. It provides a more convenient way to work.


Task Prompt

The software can preset task hints for the necessary checkpoints. When reading the card, it will be prompted by voice . Each Checkpoint can increase up to 10 tasks.


Fast charging

3500mAh Long Battery life with fast charging. It will reach 65% in an hour. Total charged need only 2 hours. Fully Charged for 4 days working.


Voice calls

You can preset 5 groups of phone numbers. If the guard encounter an emergency, you can communicate in real time and coordinate quickly.

IP67 :Waterproof, dustproof and prevent damage.
Don’t worry to work on rainy day or man-made damage.


More user-friendly features


What included in a standard package

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